Academic Staff Warnings, Dismissal and Appeals Committee

High standards of teaching and professional conduct should be maintained at all times by ESLG staff members. Consistent failure of academic staff members to comply with the practices and procedures outlined in the Staff handbook may lead to an academic warning for the respective staff.

Current academic contracts are for 3 to 5 years duration, some of which are tenure-based. With unsatisfactory professional performance, contracts will not be renewed. Those with three and five year contracts who receive academic warnings may find their longer contracts curtailed. An academic warning is a very serious offense. Two warnings on significant issues can result in a dismissal.

An academic warning may be given for one or a combination of failures to meet the requirements outlined in the present Staff handbook, including the following:

1. Consistently cumulative poor results from student evaluations (for at least 4 semesters).
2. Repeated failure to supply unique final examinations.
3. Failure to publish and attend consultation hours.
4. Frequent failure to provide adequate cumulative course grades.
5. Failure to insert grades into Electronic Grading System in a timely fashion which adequately informs students of their status.
6. Failure, without reasonable cause, to attend meetings and to comply with other administrative needs as required by full time academic staff.

Causes for immediate dismissal will normally be restricted to:

1. Substantial neglect of teaching and other academic duties.
2. Incompetency or dishonesty in teaching, research, and administration.
3. Personal conduct that substantially impedes the individual’s fulfillment of institutional duties, including inappropriate relationships with students.
4. Conviction of a felony offense or an offense of sufficient gravity.
5. Moral offense.

All grievances related to negligence and incompetency of academic staff should be addressed to Academic Staff Appeals Committee, consisting of four senior, full-time faculty members, at least one of whom must be a department head. The decisions of Staff Appeals Committee can be appealed to the Senate.

All grievances related to the violations of Code of Ethics for Academic Staff must be addressed to the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission of the respective faculty in which the academic staff teaches.


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