Staff development

Staff development is an integral part of the institution/department/program strategic planning process.

College ESLG has adopted its internal Regulation on Standards for Election into Higher Academic Titles.

The regulation can be downloaded here.


The sample advancement decisions of academic staff of College ESLG according to ESLG are presented as follows:

- Decision Assistant Professor Hazer Dana;

- Decision Assistant Professor Islam Hasani;

- Decision Assistant Professor Veli Lecaj;

Academic staff is also given sufficient say to develop the advancement plan at College ESLG. This takes place via Individual Development Plan of each professor, in which professor outlines the goals for further development in pedagogy, research, and innovation, which takes place after an individual Self-Appraisal of Staff.


The staff development at the institutional level takes place in accordance with the Staff Development Plan 2021-2026 of College ESLG.

The overall staff development at the program level occurs via Staff Development at program level. The Bachelor Program Staff Development Plan sometimes differ from Master Program Staff Development Plan.


The appraisal of staff takes place in accordance with the Staff Appraisal and Development Policy of College ESLG.


The staff that does not receive favorable satisfaction rates by students in both quantitative Student Surveys and qualitative Student Hearings are given an opportunity to develop themselves through Pedagogical and Other Trainings with special emphasis on digital skills. Also, other staff receives various trainings on pedagogical and digital skills. The training report of academic staff can be found here.


College ESLG is very proud to cooperate with Ohio Northern University in receiving Training for Academic staff on Socratic Methods of Teaching

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