Staff selection procedures

The procedures for full-time and part-time faculty selection are as follows:

•    After the Board has approved a faculty position, the Head of Department or Program Director will establish the staff selection committee;

•    The Head of Department or Program Director shall select the faculty members with expertise in the subject matter area ore similar related areas;

•    The Human Resources Officer will review the composition of committees and see whether committee members have experience in staff selection. If not, the HR Officer shall train the committee members before they assume their roles for the first time;

•    The Staff Selection Committee shall consist of minimum three and maximum five voting members;

•    The Human Resources Officer shall serve as an advisor to the Staff Selection Committee regarding equal opportunity.

The Faculty Hiring Procedure shall be as follows:

•    Preparation of Vacancy Announcement

–    The Human Resource Officer prepares the draft vacancy announcement outlining the necessary skills for successful job performance and lists the required education and experience. The draft is submitted to the Staff Selection Committee, which is responsible for the development of the final version of the vacancy announcement including job specifications and desired
–    Upon approval by the Staff Selection Committee the vacancy announcement shall be sent back to the Human Resources Officer for distribution.

•    Advertisement of the position

–    The position will be advertised in the website of College ESLG.
–    The Human Resources Officer shall process all preliminary applications for review by the Staff Selection Committee, which shall serve also as First Screening Committee. If the applications seem to be inadequate, the HR Officer will contact the Dean or the Program Director to determine how to proceed further.

•    Preliminary review of applications

–    The Staff Selection Committee shall review the application selection criteria. The application selection criteria include, but are not limited to:
–    Professional experience including educational background and occupational experience;

–    Subject area experience, teaching skills, commitment to professional growth and the potential for contribution to overall effectiveness of the College;
–    Understanding of academic diversity and understanding of diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural and disability backgrounds of students and professors;

•    Interview

–    The Staff Selection Committee shall conduct the interviews with the preliminary selected candidates. Due to small size of College ESLG, the Staff Selection Committee shall serve also as an Interview Committee. The Staff Selection Committee shall formulate interview questions and establish evaluation procedure in order to ensure a detailed assessment of candidate’s qualification. The interview questions will reflect the criteria listed in the vacancy announcement, the job description, the working characteristics of the position, the technical and behavioral qualifications required.

–    The Staff Selection Committee shall outline expected answers to the proposed questions as a means to evaluate candidates in the interview process.

–    If necessary, the Staff Selection Committee may seek a teaching demonstration from the candidate, writing samples and other documents needed for effective performance of the candidate on the job;

–    The Staff Selection Committee shall use the rating form prepared by the Human Resources Office to evaluate responses. The members shall be present in all interviews.

–    If necessary, teaching demonstrations and other tasks shall be required from the short-listed candidate in the second phase;

–    After interviews the Staff Selection Committee shall discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and summarize the rankings in points and provide written recommendations for each candidate;

–    The Staff Selection Committee shall run reference checks for three top candidates only. The reference check shall be the responsibility of the Chair of the Staff Selection Committee;

–    Following the reference checks, the Staff Selection Committee makes the decision about two top candidates and submits these recommendations to the Dean of College and Rector.

•    Review by the Dean and Rector

–    The Dean of the College and Rector shall review the evaluation of Staff Selection Committee. If the Dean or Rector cannot decide on appointment of one of the finalists, a recommendation will be made to return to the most appropriate stage of the hiring process.

–     The Rector or Dean in consultation with the Academic Senate Chair shall select one candidate and recommend it to the Management Board;



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