Prof. Dr. Alenka Temeljotov Salaj

Prof. Dr. Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj is a Professor in Sustainable Refurbishment and Facility Management at NTNU. She holds a PhD in Psychology and MSc in Construction Engineering, Renewable energy.

Professor Alenka is a scientific collaborator of College ESLG and one of the first developers of the real estate management study program at College ESLG in Kosovo.

Selected professional highlights of professor Salaj are presented below:

•    Full professor at NTNU with international experience in teaching and research;
•    Dean of European Faculty of Law, Nova Univerza, Slovenia;
•    Leader of NTNU IBM Forskerlinjen, helping students to develop earlier research skills to enter the PhD program
•    Member of the NTNU IBM Research, Development, Innovation Committee;
•    Member of CEN commission for a new Sustainable Refurbishment standard and is an active member of EuroFM;
•    Guest editor of the international journal Facilities;
•    Managed numerous research and development projects either as a task leader or work package leader such as Horizon 2020:  +CityxChange – Positive Energy Districts; BENEFIT– Business models for enhancing funding and enabling financing for infrastructure in transport; COST: P3T3– Public Private Partnership in Transport: Trends and Theory; NordForsk: CaPs - Citizens as Pilots of Smart Cities; Research Council of Norway (NFR): OSCAR - Value for owners and users of property. Republic of Slovenia (ARRS):  Creating social value with age-friendly housing stock management in lifetime neighborhoods;

List of publications of Professor Salaj is presented below:


Xue, Yan; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Lindkvist, Carmel Margaret. (2022) Renovating the retrofit process: People-centered business models and co-created partnerships for low-energy buildings in Norway. Energy Research & Social Science. vol. 85 (102406).

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Senior, Coline; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Vukmirovic, Milena; Jowkar, Mina; Kristl, Živa. (2021) The Spirit of Time—The Art of Self-Renovation to Improve Indoor Environment in Cultural Heritage Buildings. Energies. vol. 14 (13).

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Xue, Yan; Lindkvist, Carmel Margaret; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2021) Barriers and potential solutions to the diffusion of solar photovoltaics from the public-private-people partnership perspective – Case study of Norway. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. vol. 137.

Bjørberg, Svein; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2020) Potensial i eksisterende bygningsmasse for det grønne skifte er stort, men det må utløses. Her spiller blokkbebyggelsen en stor rolle. Byggeindustrien.

Jowkar, Mina; Rijal, Hom Bahadur; Montazami, Azadeh; Brusey, James; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2020) The influence of acclimatization, age and gender-related differences on thermal perception in university buildings: Case studies in Scotland and England. Building and Environment. vol. 179.

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Marchenko, Alla; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2020) A Systematic Literature Review of Non-Invasive Indoor Thermal Discomfort Detection. Applied Sciences. vol. 10 (12).

Marchenko, Alla; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Rizzardi, Victor; Oksavik, Odne Andreas. (2020) The Study of Facial Muscle Movements for Non-Invasive Thermal Discomfort Detection via Bio-Sensing Technology. Part I: Development of the Experimental Design and Description of the Collected Data. Applied Sciences. vol. 10 (20).

Roumboutsos, Athena; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Karousos, Iosif. (2020) Indicators for Sustainable Demand Risk Allocation in Transport Infrastructure Projects. Sustainability. vol. 12 (22).

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Xue, Yan; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Engebø, Atle; Lohne, Jardar. (2020) Multi-sector partnerships in the urban development context: A scoping review. Journal of Cleaner Production. vol. 268.

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Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Roumboutsos, Athena; Verlič, Peter; Grum, Bojan. (2018) Land value capture strategies in PPP - what can FM learn from it?. Facilities. vol. 36 (1/2).

Boge, Knut; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2017) Practice vs. theory: Short-term financials trumps long-term value creation. Journal of Corporate Real Estate. vol. 19 (3).

Part of book/report
Bergsland Finsnes, Alexander; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2021) Land Value Capture's Potential. The Future of Real Estate.


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