M.Sc. Elita Ceku

MSc Elita ÇEKU possesses almost two years of experience in teaching, in the field of Marketing and Human Resource Management.

She has over five years of professional experience and currently develops project research and project management. In particular she is engaged in managing the marketing of real estate and coordinating international projects in the field of design and construction.

Has great experience as a manager in the field of law and real estate development especially in the Marketing field. Possess experience as a coordinator of the international projects.
Focused and hard-working individual committed to all aspects of real estate development. Skills include complex problem solving, advanced computer and software understanding.

Accomplished entrepreneur in the real estate and marketing industry as well as founder of the NORTH-WEST LLC real estate branch.

Distinguished career in project management, integrated cooperation. Distinguished career in coordinating and managing international projects and beyond, as well as ability to work in integrated expert groups.

Some of the selected professional highlights of Professor Çeku has been presented below:

- Kosovo Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Project – Financing Source - Ministry of Economic Development (MED) – Project Coordinator from ALB-Architect LLC.

- Detailed design for the implementation of energy efficiency measures at the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) in Prizren- Financing Source – GIZ - Project Coordinator from ALB-Architect LLC.

- Hospital for general Pediatric and Chirurgic Services - Financing Source- HAAD /Abu Dhabi /UEA – Administrative Project Manager from ALB-Architect LLC.

- “The Renewable Wind Energy Park – SELAC 1,2,3“ - Financing Source – SOWI KOSOVO LLC - Administrative Project Manager from ALB-Architect LLC.

- “Development of the agency project” The Kosova Environmental Protection Agency and Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals Funding Source - Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning / MESP
“Development of the agency project “Kosovo Geological Service & Radiation Protection Agency "- Funding Source - Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning / MESP- Project Coordinator - Consortium ALB-Architect & NORTH-WEST LLC.

- Engineering Services for Hospital in Prizren”- Project Design, Conceptual Design and Main Project - Source of Funding - Ministry of Health - MOH - Administrative Project Manager from ALB-Architect LLC.

- Retrospective 'SIMON SHIROKA' Exhibition - Source of Funding - SIMON Company Paris 2017 – SC- Project Coordinator and Marketing Manager




Kosovo Real Estate Market Study 2020, Contract Research for MONTIS


Consultation hours: Every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00-12:00


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