Prof. Dr. Peter Jambrek - Head of Liason Office ESLG-Nova Univerza-UBT

Prof. Dr. Peter Jambrek is a full professor of law. Professor Jambrek is a Slovenian sociologist, jurist, politician and intellectual. He is considered among the fathers of the current Slovenian Constitution and among the most influential public intellectuals in Slovenia. Professor Jambrek holds PhD in Sociology from University of Chicago. Professor Jambrek is currently serving as a President of Management Board of Nova Univerza Slovenia and Head of Liaison Office between College ESLG, Nova Univerza, and University for Business and Technology.

Professor Jambrek is author of several books, surveys and monographs in the field of state law; practice: Minister of the Interior, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights, Constitutional Judge, and member of the Venice Commission.

 Judicial Career 

•    European Court of Human Rights, Judge, 1993-1998
•    Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Judge, 1990-1998;   
•    Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, President, 1991-1994

Academic Career

•    Nova Univerza, Rector 2018-2019;
•    College ESLG, Rector
•    Nova Univerza, Professor of Constitutional and Human Rights Law, 2006-2020
•    European Faculty of Law, Dean
•    Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, Department of Theory of Law and State, professor (last position), 1984 - 1999
•    Faculty of Government Administration of the University of Ljubljana 1999-2001, professor 
•    Visiting Professorships: University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, USA), 1989;
•    University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA), 1982;
•    University of Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia), 1973-1975 
•    Center for International Affairs, Harvard University (Boston), Research Fellow, 1976


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