Doc.Dr.Kemal Yildirim - Director of International Cooperation

Docent Dr. Kemal Yildirim possesses extensive experience in teaching and research for numerous universities worldwide. Professor Yildirim holds PhD degree from Azteca University in Mexico and M.Sc degree from University of Jyvaskyla – Finland. Professor Yildirim serves as a Director of International Cooperation of College ESLG.

Selected professional highlights of Professor Yildirim are presented below:

•    Postdoctoral Research Fellow for  Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, Portugal;
•    Senior Research Fellow at EMUI EuroMed University; 
•    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Filosofía y Letras;
•    Associate Editor for World Research Journal of Political Science;
•    Editorial Board member of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Journal;
•    Senior lecturer for Akamai University;
•    Professor at Sastra Angkor Institute in Cambodia;
•    Professor at Logos University  International, United States;

•    Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts;

List of publications of Dr. Kemal Yildirim are presented below:

•    "Conflict Resolution  in the workplace for Colleges and Universities Academic Staff in Turkey and Serbia and Vatican's view on European education 
•    Topical issues in Organizational Behavior – A Comprehensive book of readings Chapter Fourteen: An analysis of Organizational Psychology of Punishment in Turkish Primary Schools
•    Book review on Women Entrepreneurs: New Opportunities and Challenges 106-113
•    Development and Survival Strategies in Jordan and the Contribution of Female-Owned Firms to Domestic Economic Growth in Turkey.......88-105 – JWE- Journal of woman entrepreneurship (published)
•    “The role of female-owned firms/industries on local economic growth in Turkey and in Jordan.”  Published by outskirtspress  publishing house in United states of America-2009’’ St clements university – E-Journal
•    Disaster Risk and Climate Change in the Middle East VERITAS
•    “The role of female-owned firms/industries on local economic growth in Turkey and “The role of female-owned firms/industries on local economic growth in Turkey and in Jordan.”, ISBN: 978-1-4327-4755-8

Consultation hours: By appointment


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