Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose ESLG College programs? Are they accredited and how modern are its curricula?


ESLG College's programs in Real Estate Management bachelor's and master's level are unique programs with competitive advantage for the local and regional market. They are dedicated to the construction and real estate sector, which according to statistics from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund contributes about 25% to the gross domestic product of Kosovo, is the third largest employer in Kosovo and the largest absorber of foreign direct investment during 2015-2019 according to the Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments of Kosovo. Real estate management programs are accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency but are also accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation Agency, given that ESLG College is an associate member of the New University in Slovenia, a university that holds Slovenian accreditation and pending British accreditation.


Study programs are contemporary and incorporate both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary aspects that make these programs unique. The curricula are designed to create interdisciplinary and transferable skills in students who are considered to be the skills of 21st century young professionals.


Real Estate Management programs are also rare in the world and are offered only by renowned universities such as Georgetown University (USA), Hong Kong University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden).


ESLG College has a strict academic integrity policy, active research integrity policy from both staff and students, and an active plagiarism prevention policy similar to that of world-renowned universities.


2. What do students benefit from this program?


Students benefit from this program unique skills needed for the labor market, study in a modern environment with unique teaching methods and have the opportunity to obtain dual Kosovar and Slovenian diplomas (which is directly recognized in the labor market of the European Union the same as Slovenian students).


Students become managers of the most profitable sector in Kosovo but also in the region and also enjoy the opportunity to be licensed as real estate appraisers after graduation, a unique and highly sought profession in the growing market of real estate transactions. Students also have the opportunity to transfer their studies at the Slovenian University Nova Univerza and at the master level at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).


3. Why are ESLG programs important for Kosovo and the region?


Real estate management programs are unique, creating skilful managers of the construction sector with the culture of sustainable development of the sector with a special emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection as well as conservation of natural resources from the perspective of managers and developers of real estate who are the main decision-makers of what the built environment in a city should look like because they are the financiers, investors and real estate developers.



4. How is the process of drafting / updating the study program done?


The procedure for drafting and updating the study program is done in accordance with the Regulation on the development / review of the study program. In accordance with Article 4 of the Regulation, the Head of the Department makes a proposal to the Academic Council for drafting or updating the study program, proposing the creation of a team for drafting and updating the curriculum of the study program, which includes student representatives and industry representatives. The Academic Council (composed of the entire academic body) then approves the proposal and authorizes the Team to conduct market research, taking into account local, national and global trends, and the industry's perspective on the skills and competencies that a program should create.


The main criterion is that the program is in line with the overall mission of ESLG College. Industry representatives are extremely proactive in defining the learning outcomes at the subject and program level, which are necessary for the development of 21st century interdisciplinary and transferable skills.


5. Have ESLG College programs been developed prior to a market research?


ESLG College's programs precede a detailed market research, based on local and international statistics from bodies such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment, and the Kosovo Agency of Statistics. Also, the programs of ESLG College must be unique, not offered by anyone in Kosovo or in the region and contribute to the growth of Kosovo's GDP as provided by the mission of the institution and the strategic orientation of ESLG College.


6. How are real estate management programs related to the realization of the mission of ESLG College?


Real Estate Management programs should initially be unique, contribute to Kosovo's economic development and contain unique teaching methods that create competitive skills and advantages for its graduates by creating elite leaders in Kosovo's most profitable construction and real estate sector.


7. How many such programs are there in Kosovo?


None. The programs are extremely unique and are not offered in Kosovo or the nearby region. The closest country is Slovenia.

8. How does the government maintain the quality of ESLG College?


The government maintains the quality of ESLG College through local accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency which is carried out according to international standards with foreign experts, continuous monitoring and reporting to the KAA and the Ministry of Education. In addition to local accreditation, ESLG College has also received accreditation of programs from the Slovenian Accreditation Agency (NAKVIS), a member of ENQA and EQAR, which ESLG College must report due to its status as an associate member of Nova Univerza.

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