Plagiarism prevention


1. Include plagiarism statement in course syllabi and explain them before the course commences and before every assignment;
2. Teach students how to properly quote and cite sources;
3. Explain and repeat
4. Emphasize the academic integrity policy of College ESLG and always ask students to read the Academic Integrity Policy in the website of the College and read the Code of Ethics for Students;

5. Discuss the plagiarism with students by providing case studies of what is acceptable and what is not;

6. Repeat to students that using and submitting other person’s work is punishable and may result in expulsion as the last resort measure;
7. Ask students to hand drafts before the due date and provide feedback twice;
8. Simulate a peer review process into the assignment with the help of teaching assistants;


The College ESLG has a both Educative and Preventive Plagiarism Prevention Policy

As part of educative aspect of the Prevention Policy below are some tips for students as how to avoid plagiarism



1.    Take notes;
2.    Write down the source for each idea, concept, and theory even if it is a structure;


1.    Include all the sources in the paper during the reformulation. Do not wait until later.
2.    Paraphrase and reformulate with your own words the ideas coming from other authors. Do not purely rely on others’ words;
3.    If you include the sentence of more than 35 words, use the block quote style;
4.    If you reuse your previous work, cite even yourself;


1.    Proofread and revise the draft and check whether all the material has been referenced adequately;


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