Study Bachelor

The academic year starts on 01 October and finishes on 30.06 of the following year. The organization of studies can be modified or changed only upon approval of Academic Council. 


The duration of academic year is 40 weeks and is divided into two semesters containing 15 weeks each.


Academic calendar also provides for two examination periods one in January and another one in June and a New Year Holiday. An additional examination period is provided in September.

The ECTS are allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete the course. The total student workload is determined through lectures, exercises, practical work, seminars, independent study –in the library or at home – and examinations or other assessment and assignment activities. One ECTS credit is equivalent to minimum of 25 hours of students’ workload. One semester has 30 ECTS credits.


Teaching is carried out through lectures, exercises, seminars, case studies, consultations, simulations, mentorship, interdisciplinary activities, field work, site visits, guest speaker presentations, exams, production of diploma thesis and its defence through oral presentation.


A unique teaching method is Interdisciplinary Activity - Interdisciplinary activities are used as group project work activities in interdisciplinary fields of the study program whereby an interdisciplinary case study seminar is handed to groups. For instance one case study can include legal aspects, finance, costing and valuation aspects, facility management, infrastructure aspects, and HR and marketing aspects thus all interdisciplinary aspects are covered by a group project assessed by a group of professors.


In bachelor level, conceptual research is used during first two years and in the third year, the empirical research is also a part of study process for students.





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