M.Sc. Edin Murati

M.Sc. Edin Murati possesses three years experience in consultancy and 2 years in teaching. Professor Murati holds master’s degree in real estate management and bachelor’s degree also in real estate management specialized in sustainable and resilient infrastructure, with special emphasis on sustainable road infrastructure.

Selected professional highlights of M.Sc. Edin Murati are presented below:

•    Project Management for Scooler LLC;
•    Consultant for the Legal Advisor of the Minister of Justice;
•    Consultant for OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Support to Ministry of Justice;

Selected activities and certificates

•    “Political Academy for young mixed-community women and men” June 2019, OSCE Mission in Kosovo;
•    “Kosovo Demand for Justice Program” Training [Center for Democratic November 2018, Governance and Rule of Law – Ohio Northern University, USA]
•    “Political Engagement of Young Leaders” Seminar [OSCE Mission in Kosovo] June 2018
•    “Building Future Young Leaders” Workshop [OSCE Mission in Kosovo] April 2018
•    “Draft proposal on Prevention of Conflict of Interests in Discharge November 2016 of a Public Function Law” Workshop [Ministry of Justice]
•    “Draft proposal on Law of Mediation” Workshop [Ministry of Justice] September 2016
•    Legal Department “Migration of Kosovo citizens in 2015-2016” [Conference issued by AFK] July 2016

Consultation hours: Mondays and Wednesdays from 15:00-16:00


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