Research Funding

The research funding takes place in the following ways:

- external research grants;
- internal research grants, which consist of 15 % of institutional budget;
- commercialization of research outputs for private sector;
- submission grants;
- conference travel support;
- undergraduate/graduate research assistantships;


So far, College ESLG has benefited from the following research funding:


- external research grants such as SEEB/HERD Program and OSCAR Project;

- internal research grants for professors who involve students in producing research outputs in impact factors journals;

- commercialization of research outputs such as Kosovo Real Estate Market Study implemented with Kosovo Realty Group for leading bank in Kosovo Procredit Bank, real estate appraisal companies, and real estate development companies;

- submission grants for articles in CIRRE Conference;
- conference travel support for CIRRE Conference;

- Undergraduate and graduate research assistantsships occurring for publication of research articles in impact factor journals such as Facilities and Journal of Property Management


The breakdown of research expenditures is as follows: 


a.   Participation in CIRRE Conference;
b.   Regional conferences;
c.   Participation in international conferences such as CIB World Building Congress;
d.    Access to research platforms;
e.    Publication in peer to peer impact factor journals;
f.    Young Researcher Grant Support;
g.    Lead Scholar Development Grant Support;


Under the Young Researcher Grant Support three high impact factor journal articles were published in 2019 as presented below:


- HOXHA, Visar, and SHALA, Fjolla, "The benefits and challenges of sustainable buildings in Prishtina, Kosovo", Facilities , 2019, Vol. 37 No. 13/14, pp. 1118-1152.

- HOXHA, Visar and SADIKU, Sara, “Study of factors influencing the decision to adopt the blockchain technology in real estate transactions in Kosovo”, Journal of Property Management, 2019, Vol. 37 No. 5, pp. 684-700,

- HOXHA, Visar and ZEQIRAJ, Emblema, “The impact of Generation Z in the intention to purchase real estate in Kosovo”, Journal of Property Management, 2019, Vol. 38 No. 1, pp. 1-24,


Four promising young researchers have availed of the Young Researcher Grant Support such as Sara Sadiku, Emblema Zeqiraj, Fjolla Shala and Mendim Blakaj.


Professor Hoxha has benefited from Lead Scholar Development Grant Support who only in 2019 published 6 scientific articles in journals with high impact factors. 





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