Study master

The academic year starts on 01 October and finishes on 30.06 of the following year.


The duration of academic year is 40 weeks and is divided into two semesters containing 15 weeks each, with three examination periods organized in January, June, and September.


One ECTS credit is equivalent to minimum of 25 hours of students’ workload. One semester has 30 ECTS credits.


Teaching is carried out through the following: 

- lectures;

- exercises;

- simulation exercises;

- research;

- live simulation;

- technology using various software such as ECOTECT, Athena Impact Estimator, and Risk Solver

- Interdisciplinary activity.


A unique teaching method is Interdisciplinary Activity - Interdisciplinary activities are used as group project work activities in interdisciplinary fields of the study program whereby an interdisciplinary case study seminar is handed to groups. For instance one case study can include legal aspects, finance and valuation aspects, energy assessment aspects, and facility management aspects.


Research-based teaching is a strong component of master programs at College ESLG. As part of research based teaching students are involved in research projects of the College, program, and professors as provided for in the Research plan of the College.


During studies, College ESLG offers support for students whose achievement is not adequate or as expected. 


The support that is provided to students whose achievement is not adequate is presented below:

- Learning to Learn Tutorship, where course assistants establish mixed teams with high achievers (who volunteer), that perform activities focused on assessment and study skills;


- Peer assessment program, where optimal achievers guide the sub-optimal achievers in motivation and interest in the course;


- Supplemental instruction program in course requirements completion and not re-teaching the course;


Following the review of achievement of students in Winter Semester 2020-2021, based on the decision of Senate of College ESLG, the Quality Office of College ESLG adopted the Learning to Learn Tutorship Program, Peer Assessment Program, and Supplemental Instruction Program;






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