Prof.Dr.Dimitrij Rupel - Chairman of International Advisory Board

Professor Dr. Dimitrij Rupel is a distinguished Slovenian politician, intellectual and professor and was the first Rector of College ESLG, now serving in the capacity of the Chairperson of International Advisory Board of College ESLG reflecting the international character of College ESLG. Professor Rupel holds a PhD degree from Brandeis University in United States and is a full professor in the field of international relations.

Selected professional highlights of Professor Rupel are presented below:

•    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia in four mandates;
•    Mayor of city of Ljubljana;
•    Ambassador of Republic of Slovenia to United States;
•    President of the Council of the European Union at the time when independence of Kosovo was declared;
•    First Rector of College ESLG from 2010 until 2013;
•    Rector of Slovenian University Nova Univerza 2018-2019;
•    Professor at the Canadian Queen's University;
•    Fulbright Scholar at New York's New School for Social Research;

Professor Rupel is an author of the following books:


•    Chi-square (1975);
•    Family Federation (1977);
•    Max (1983);
•    Invited the forgotten (1985);
•    Lion's share (1989);
•    President or, as it was (2009)


•    The words of the Free (1976);
•    Words and actions (1981);
•    Literary Sociology (1982);
•    Sociology of Culture and Arts (1986);
•    Words of God and divine (1987);
•    Slovenian intellectuals (1989);
•    Ceremonies and everyday Slovenian (1990);
•    Secret State (1992);
•    Meetings and differences (2001);
•    Adoption Success Stories (2004);
•    Slovenian presidency in the fire's own forces (2009);
•    Freedom or stability? The international situation and foreign policy (2009);
•    Slovenia in the world theater (2011);
•    The Uncertain Life of 176 members of United Nations, 2013



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