Admission appeals procedure

College ESLG is quality-oriented institution and oftentimes receives more applications for study in its study programs than available places. The College is committed to the recruitment of students with the greatest academic ability and potential, and has published admission requirements which should be considered as guidance to potential applicants. Oftentimes, there are more applicants who do not meet Grade Point Average requirement but meet other requirements as provided for by the admission requirements foreseen by the Regulation on Admission and Transfer to Bachelor Studies and Regulation on Admission and Transfer to Master Studies.


The College is committed to providing individual feedback to applicants who receive an unsuccessful decision. Initial feedback will be provided with any unsuccessful decision, but more individual feedback is available on request.

Students have the right to appeal against the unsuccessful decision on admission. The appeal against the decision can be made via e-mail to [email protected]




When an applicant is rejected, he/she should file an appeal initially to the Admission Affairs Commission, via the administration through email [email protected] within 10 working days after receiving the decision on unsuccessful admission of the applicant.


The appeal may be submitted on the following grounds:

•    Misapplication of admission requirements as foreseen by the Regulation on Admission and Transfer to Bachelor Studies and Regulation on Admission and Transfer to Master Studies;
•    Other significant administrative or procedural error(s) affecting the outcome of the application. The rejected applicant must identify the grounds of appeal in their signed statement submitted via email;


The Admission Affairs Commission via the administration of the College acknowledges the receipt of the appeal and must provide a response to the appeal within 10 working days. The response must indicate whether the applicant’s appeal is upheld (fully or partially), or rejected and the reasons for the decision.


When the appeal is upheld by the Admission Affairs Commission, the response must indicate the outcome of the reconsideration of the application of the candidate. 



If the applicant’s appeal is rejected by the Admission Affairs Commission, the applicant may appeal to the Study Commission of the College via email to: [email protected]


The appeal filed to the second instance must be received within 10 working days after the rejection decision by the Admission Affairs Commission.


The Study Commission shall acknowledge the receipt of the second instance appeal within 5 working days and respond to the appeal within 14 working days of receipt.


The response of the Study Commission shall indicate whether the appeal is upheld or rejected.


The decision of the Study Commission is final.


The College shall communicate the result of any further actions or reconsideration of the applications directly to the applicant within 5 days after taking the decision.

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